Sanctuary of the great lakes


paul gerow fall kayakingThe carefree days of your youth are alive and well in Alpena. Catching fireflies on warm summer evenings, searching for minnows with a net, reading a book under a shade tree, and watching the sunset while crickets provide background music are nostalgic experiences that we often wish we could relive. Alpena is that place where summer memories come alive as an everyday way of life, and stress floats away with the river current. Visit a downtown coffee shop to catch up on email, or disconnect to reconnect in the Sanctuary of the Great Lakes.

The Great Lakes are a gift from prehistoric glacier movement, and treasures have been left behind along the shores of Lake Huron and the many inland lakes and rivers. Hunt for fossils dating back 400 million years to the Devonian Period. Rocky edges along the shorelines, Rockport State Park Recreation Area, and the Lafarge Fossil Park at Besser Museum are perfect locations for an afternoon of prehistoric adventure. Follow it up with a trip to Dinosaur Gardens to see life-size prehistoric recreations.

Use our Adventure Checklist to find your explorer’s spirit: Sanctuary of the Great Lakes Adventure Checklist

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Photo of Negwegon State Park

Negwegon State Park

Off US-23, 20 miles south of Alpena Harrisville Michigan 48740 Alt Phone: (989) 724-5126 Website:
Photo of Neiman’s Family Market

Neiman’s Family Market

2205 US 23 South, Suite 144 Alpena Michigan 49707 Alt Phone: (989) 356-4720
Photo of NEST – Northeast Michigan State Trail

NEST – Northeast Michigan State Trail

Home Woodward Avenue, Alpena
Photo of New Presque Isle Lighthouse

New Presque Isle Lighthouse

4500 E. Grand Lake Rd Presque Isle Michigan 49777 Alt Phone: (989) 595-9917 Website:

New Waves Salon

3303 W. Washington Ste. 12 (Crossroads Plaza) Alpena Michigan 49707 Alt Phone: (989) 354-8307
Photo of Nick’s Southside Diner

Nick’s Southside Diner

3023 U.S. 23 South Alpena Michigan 49707 Alt Phone: (989) 358-1955
Photo of North Coney Island

North Coney Island

2668 U.S. 23 South Alpena Michigan 49707 Alt Phone: (989) 354-2315
Photo of Northern Drifters Guide Service

Northern Drifters Guide Service

Home Alpena MI 49707 Phone: 989-657-0030
Photo of Northern Lights Arena

Northern Lights Arena

751 Woodward Avenue Alpena Michigan 49707 Alt Phone: (989) 358-0652 FAX: (989) 354-4231 Website:
Photo of Norway Ridge Pathway Trails

Norway Ridge Pathway Trails

Home Norway Ridge Pathway, Werth Road, Alpena
Photo of Nowicki’s Sausage Shoppe

Nowicki’s Sausage Shoppe

1224 North Second Avenue Alpena Michigan 49707 Alt Phone: (989) 354-2219 Website:

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