What do bananas, rye, and Alpena all have in common? 

Answer: the one and only perfectly custom-crafted Journeyman Distillery rye whiskey- only available at Nucleus Lounge in downtown Alpena!

Chef Eric Peterson of the Fresh Palate/Nucleus Lounge wanted to bring a signature style to the drinks in Nucleus, so in early December of 2018, he took a trip to Journeyman Distillery in Three Oaks, Michigan.

After tasting through numerous barrels of Journeyman’s Last Feather Rye whiskey, “the one” turned out to be a rye with unique notes of ripe banana and smokey vanilla. Thus, an entire barrel of Eric’s palate-pleasing rye was bottled and shipped off to the Nucleus Lounge for the patrons to enjoy! Another thing that made Journeyman Distillery the right choice for the Nucleus Lounge is it is certified USDA organic, as well as kosher. This fit in perfectly with the brand of Nucleus Lounge/The Fresh Palate as always using the freshest, organic ingredients whenever possible.

Signature drinks you can order with this special barrel of Journeyman Distillery Last Feather Rye at Nucleus Lounge in Alpena

Get In – LFR, pomegranate liqueur, lemon, honey simple syrup

EP Warren – LFR, orange simple syrup, lemon, angostura bitters

Duby Revolver – LFR, Journeymans Snaggletooth liqueur, orange bitters

Cider Sidecar – LFR, lemon juice, Blake’s Hard Cider, simple syrup

LFR Sour – LFR, vanilla lime simple syrup, lemon, served on the rocks

TFP Solera Old Fashioned – LFR, maraschino cherry liqueur, orange and angostura bitters, club soda

Morning Rambis – LFR, lemon, cinnamon simple syrup, maple syrup, cinnamon sugar rum

Michibanger – LFR, Vernors, lemon, lime 

Feather Smashed – LFR, mint, simple syrup, orange cube 


Which one of these hand-crafted cocktails will you try on your next visit to Nucleus Lounge?