Social media continues to be on the rise and Alpena is on board! We want the world to see just how beautiful our Sanctuary of the Great Lakes is during every season; and what a better way than Instagram! We love bringing you updates on everything Alpena from Facebook to blog, so be sure to check out and follow our Instagram account for more photos from around the town and the countryside. Tag us in your Alpena photos by using our username @Sanctuary_of_the_Great_Lakes, and don’t forget the hashtags! Hashtags help Instagram users find photos by searches of interest. For instance, in our photos you will find us hashtag #puremichigan, #advenshore, #alpena, #sanctuaryofthegreatlakes, #marinebodysoul, #lakehuron and #michigan, just to name a few! This way when an Instagram user types in a search for photos of Michigan, Alpena, or Lake Huron, our photos will come up and so will yours. The perfect way to show off our picturesque photos of Alpena, our Sanctuary of the Great Lakes.

* You can download Instagram for free from the app store, available on both iPhones and Androids.