Sanctuary of the great lakes

Fishing the Sanctuary of the Great Lakes

Charles Kennedy kidsWhether you’re taking the kids out to create some relaxing memories, or on the hunt for the next trophy catch, Northeast Michigan is THE destination for sport and recreational fishing.

There are more than 100 accessible bodies of water (300,000 acres of open water) in the 4-county Northeast Michigan area. Alpena serves as base camp for your fishing expedition. Within an easy drive of Alpena you’ll find numerous inland lakes and river systems that offer a variety of healthy fish species. Locations for trolling, fishing off the river bank, fly fishing, fishing from a dock or canoe, a perfect reed bed for your bass boat, and even deep water options abound in and around Alpena.

Relive the lazy summer days of your childhood with a hook and bobber while your feet dangle in the refreshing water. Venture out to the big lake and reel in the wildest of the wild fish populations that have never before seen a lure. Experience the unique fishing habitat created by hundreds of historic shipwrecks resting on the bottom of Lake Huron in Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary. There are even a multitude of great fishing spots within the city limits of Alpena. We don’t even stop when the snow starts! As soon as the lakes freeze over they are dotted with ice fishing shanties. If you love fishing, you need to put Alpena on your list.

Take care of your fishing license online! Just follow this link and you’ll be on the water in no time!  DNR E-License

*** Help prevent the spread of invasive species! Wash your watercraft before putting in at a new body of water. Find out more here:***

Catch and Cook LogoMichigan Catch & Cook

For a full water-to-table fishing experience,  make arrangements for a Michigan Catch & Cook adventure at one of these two participating restaurants!  Thanks to partnerships between the Courtyard Restaurant, Twin Acres 19th Hole Restaurant, Two Hearted Charters, Trout Scout Charters, and WipeOut Charters,  you can take your fresh catch to restaurant, and have it prepared and served to you the same day!






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Photo of 19th Hole (Twin Acres)

19th Hole (Twin Acres)

1081 U.S. 23 North Alpena Michigan 49707 Alt Phone: (989) 356-3712 Website:
Photo of 40 Mile Point Lighthouse

40 Mile Point Lighthouse

Alpena Michigan 49707 Website:
Photo of 40 Winks Motel

40 Winks Motel

1021 S. State Ave Alpena Michigan 49707 Alt Phone: (989) 354-5622 Website:

5th Avenue Antiques & Appraisals

303 South 5th Ave. Alpena Michigan 49707 Alt Phone: (989) 356-2356
Photo of AJ’S Garden & Produce

AJ’S Garden & Produce

1150 Salina Rd. Lachine Michigan 49753 Alt Phone: (989) 379-3061 Website:
Photo of Al’s Pools & Spas

Al’s Pools & Spas

220 Sable St. Alpena Michigan 49707 Alt Phone: (989) 354-3164
Photo of Allegra- Marketing, Print, Mail

Allegra- Marketing, Print, Mail

829 West Chisholm St., Alpena Michigan 49707 Phone: (866) 878-2096 Alt Phone: (989) 356-0834 Website:
Photo of Alpena Area Chamber of Commerce

Alpena Area Chamber of Commerce

235 West Chisholm St. Alpena Michigan 49707 Alt Phone: (989) 354-4181 FAX: (989) 356-3999 Website:
Photo of Alpena Best Western

Alpena Best Western

1285 M-32 West Alpena Michigan 49707 Phone: 1-800-WESTERN Alt Phone: (989) 356-9087 FAX: (989) 354-0543 Website:
Photo of Alpena Bi-Path

Alpena Bi-Path

Thunder Bay River and Lake Huron Alpena Michigan 49707 Alt Phone: 989-354-4181
Photo of Alpena Civic Theatre

Alpena Civic Theatre

401 River Street Alpena Michigan 49707 Alt Phone: 989-354-3624 Website:
Photo of Alpena County Fairgrounds

Alpena County Fairgrounds

625 S. 11th Ave Alpena Michigan 49707 Phone: (989) 356-1847 Alt Phone: (989) 354-6016 Website:
Photo of Alpena County George N. Fletcher Library

Alpena County George N. Fletcher Library

211 North First Ave Alpena Michigan 49707 Alt Phone: (989) 356-6188 Website:
Photo of Alpena County Plaza Pool

Alpena County Plaza Pool

3303 S. Third Ave Alpena Michigan 49707 Alt Phone: (989) 354-8287 Website:
Photo of Alpena County Regional Airport

Alpena County Regional Airport

1617 Airport Rd. Alpena Michigan 49707 Alt Phone: (989) 354-2907 Website:
Photo of Alpena Days Inn

Alpena Days Inn

1496 M-32 W Alpena Michigan 49707 Phone: (800) 582-9050 Alt Phone: (989) 356-6118 Website:
Photo of Alpena Embroidery & Trophies

Alpena Embroidery & Trophies

104 N. Second Ave. Alpena Michigan 49707 Alt Phone: (989) 354-3053
Photo of Alpena Events Complex (APlex)

Alpena Events Complex (APlex)

701 Woodward Avenue Alpena Michigan 49707 Alt Phone: (989) 354-6164 Website:
Photo of Alpena Farmer’s Market

Alpena Farmer’s Market

Behind City Hall Alpena Michigan 49707 Phone: (989) 356-6422 Alt Phone: (989) 356-5995 Website:
Photo of Alpena Furniture & Flooring

Alpena Furniture & Flooring

325 North Second Ave. Alpena Michigan 49707 Alt Phone: (989) 356-9002
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Ice Pellets
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