What is the mission of the Alpena Area Convention & Visitors Bureau?

The Alpena Area CVB is the official destination marketing and management organization for the Alpena area. The primary mission of the Alpena Area CVB is the enhancement of the Alpena area economy through the promotion of the Alpena Area as a destination for overnight visitors (for both leisure and business travel). Secondarily, the Convention & Visitors Bureau assists and supports the community’s internal tourism infrastructure. The community-developed brand, Sanctuary of the Great Lakes, is the overarching identity for marketing activity. The brand encapsulates the essence of life in northeast Michigan, recreational opportunity, and natural beauty.

The CVB serves Alpena by marketing the community to the rest of the world; inspiring people to travel to the area; protecting the local assets that draw people here; and advocating for the sustainable growth of the tourism industry throughout the region. We work with citizens, businesses and organizations to foster the Sanctuary of the Great Lakes identity as one of the many multi-faceted components of community development. Great places to visit are great places to live. Great places to visit and live, are great places to do business.

Alpena logo

The official Alpena logo copyright is owned by the Alpena Area Convention & Visitors Bureau. The logo is not permitted for use without approval, contact Mary Beth Stutzman at ma******@vi*********.com for information.

Branding Proposition: Alpena is the Sanctuary of the Great Lakes

Brand Promise: As the Sanctuary of the Great Lakes, Alpena truly embodies the haven from the stresses of everyday life: the culturally rich place to relax, rejuvenate, and inspire the happy, healthy, and creative you.

Where history and heritage collide with relaxed outdoor adventure.

Value Categories: Art, Culture, Heritage. Outdoor Recreation and Wellness. Environmental Conservation.

How is the Alpena Area CVB funded?

The CVB is funded by a visitor assessment which makes the work of the Bureau a great benefit for the local community, as the funding for the Bureau does not come from the local population or tax base, but comes from visitors.

Destination promotion is a public good for the benefit and well-being of all; an essential investment no community can afford to abate without causing detriment to the community’s future economic and social well-being.

-Destinations International

What kinds of activities does the Alpena Area Convention & Visitors Bureau Manage for the community?

The CVB creates and manages marketing programs and partnerships that promote the Alpena area experience to foster economic development activity from transient travel to the Alpena micro-regional area. We operate as the official ‘Marketing Department’ for the Alpena area so we do many of the same things that a business does to market itself to customers. We strategize and implement promotional advertising and publicity to target markets in Michigan, the Midwest and target national audiences that demonstrate ‘ready to travel’ behavior, and show characteristics that indicate that an Alpena experience aligns with their interests. We have a small budget in proportion to the number of assets we market, therefore we analyze opportunities and prioritize those that will give us the greatest return on our investment.

Program areas the Alpena Area Convention & Visitors Bureau creates, implements, manages, etc:

Advertising, Marketing, Promotions

  • Marketing, Advertising, Promotional Partnerships with state, regional, and national partners (Pure Michigan, MLive, PBS, Awesome Mitten, Michigan DNR, etc.)
  • TV show projects promoting local assets to a national audience (ex. Major League Fishing)
  • Advertising: Digital Algorithm Marketing, limited print media, YouTube pre-roll
  • Website Management, Marketing, and Maintenance of relevant content on multiple websites
  • Trade Show Representation in the Great Lakes Region
  • Travel Writer Hosting
  • Promotional video creation and partnerships, YouTube pre-roll, Fresh Takes Video Contest, Michigan MicroAdventures
  • Photography (professional and user-generated)
  • Radio, TV , & Webcast Interviews Across the State
  • Prospecting for Future Visitation through multiple lead generation partnerships
  • Multi-Platform Social Media Program Management
  • Creation of Content for Digital Platforms, Newspapers, & Magazines
  • Creation & Distribution of Digital & Print Promotional Material (ex. Experience Alpena Visitor’s Guide)
Visitor guides

2018 Experience Alpena Visitor’s Guide travel resource

Advocacy for Preservation of Tourism Assets

  • Sustainable Tourism Destination Management Advocacy
  • Local Asset Preservation & Conservation
  • Work with local advocacy groups to facilitate  and support natural resource asset protections and improvement for responsible access to natural spaces

Logistical Planning and Liaison Services

  • Site Visit Liaison for Potential Events coming into the community
  • Event Planning Liaison for Groups, Conferences, Workshops, & Meetings
  • Venue Liaison for incoming programs, events, organizations
  • Filming and videography liaison and logistics coordination


  • Official Spokesperson/Organization for Promotion of the Alpena Area
  • Working Partnerships with Local Community Development Organizations to Support Overall Community Growth
  • Investment in local tourism infrastructure projects
  • Sponsorship of local tourism draw endeavors
  • Coordination of recognition opportunities for local tourism-related businesses:
    • Examples:
      • Restaurants: Ex. Connie’s Café, Courtyard, Sand Bar & Grill, Fresh Palate, Black Sheep, JJs, Owl, Take 5, Cabin Creek, As You Wish, Scoops, etc. (the list is too numerous to name here)
      • Retail: Ex. Prattscape, Parallel 45 Books & Gifts, Olivet, Myers, Soaps & Such, Clem’s Bait & Tackle, etc. (the list is too numerous to name here)
      • Art galleries & theaters
      • Lighthouses
      • Parks, lakes, trails, etc.
      • Museums & shipwreck tours
      • Events
Mary Beth Stutzman, Alpena Area Convention & Visitors Bureau President & CEO, filming a commercial

Mary Beth Stutzman, Alpena Area Convention & Visitors Bureau President & CEO, filming a commercial for Alpena to air on the Outdoor Channel’s popular Major League Fishing program.

Alpena Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

420 N. Second Ave, Alpena, MI 49707
989-340-2288    |    in**@Vi*********.com