George N. Fletcher Commemorative Marker (c.1940s)

This monument commemorates George N. Fletcher for providing the site of the library to the City of Alpena, honoring a founder and perpetuating the name of a pioneer whose vision and foresight was outstanding in the development of the community. The land was given to the city by Grace Fletcher King in 1938 in memory of her father, George N. Fletcher after the Fletcher Office Building burned in 1936. If the land was not to be used for a library, it was to remain a park. The rock was placed when the park was created. The library was built on the land in 1973.

Rock height 4.7′ – width 4′ – depth 2′

Base height 1′ – width 6′ – depth 4′

Plaque height 1′ – width 1.5′

Artist/Design – Unknown

Medium/Material – Commemorative marker/rock, bronze placque

Information provided by Thunder Bay Art Council & Gallery, Tim Kuehnlein

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