History of Industry Sculpture Series (2018) Native American Copper Pressing

This relief sculpture of two Native Americans titled Indigenous Copper Workers, captures the industry and ingenuity of native peoples who first lived and worked these lands. Tools, weapons, and ornaments were fashioned on this very site thousands of years ago and along the Thunder Bay River with copper transported from numerous copper mines throughout Michigan. Artifacts from the era and this very site are on exhibit at the Besser Museum for Northeast Michigan.

Sculpture height 2′ – width 3′

Stone height 6′ – width 7′ – weight approx. 7-8 tons

Winter Solstice Sunrise – 131 degrees (Azimuth)

Artist/Design – Mike Lempinen, Negaunee, MI

Medium/Material – Bas-relief of Native Americans processing copper; Bronze

Information provided by Thunder Bay Art Council & Gallery, Tim Kuehnlein

Photo courtesy of Thunder Bay Art Council & Gallery 

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