History of Industry Sculpture Series (2018)

This sculpture represents the importance of recreation and tourism in Alpena and Northeast Michigan. It celebrates the timeless value of such activities for overall economic and community development, health, and prosperity, especially in a modern economy. Hand-forged to represent a historic high-wheel bicycle, this sculpture is life-size. The representation of a historic bicycle evokes the original spirit of the Alpena Bi-Path as the “Alpena Sculptured Walkway/Bikeway”, a project commemorating our nation’s Bicentennial celebration in 1976. The bicycle is placed leaning against a pillar of limestone as if someone had been riding along the “Sculptured” Bi-Path and decided to stop and take a leisurely swim in the Thunder Bay River and the wildlife sanctuary at the heart of the City of Alpena.

Sculpture height 6′ – width 4′

Stone height 7′ – width 5′ – weight approx. 4 tons

Artist/Design – Jacob Ideama, Alpena, MI

Medium/Material – Hand-forged historic high-wheel bicycle; Steel and copper

Information provided by Thunder Bay Art Council & Gallery, Tim Kuehnlein

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