Make a Splash for Art: Community Mural Project (2016)

Coordinated by Art in the Loft under the direction of professional mural artist Tony Hendrick, this mural features an “aquascape” depicting a shipwreck, divers, and aquatic life below the water. The mural not only is a work of public art created by a well-known Michigan mural artist, it is the backdrop for 13 super-size, colorful, and whimsical 3-D fish designed by members of the community and sculpted by the artist. The fish were painted by the community during five collaborative workshops led by Mr. Hendrick.

The mural captures the viewer’s imagination, inspires creativity, and fosters collaboration among individuals of all ages and abilities. The mural makes a powerful statement about the rich heritage and natural resources of the region as well as the creativity and innovative spirit of the people who shape the future of this region.

Height 30′ – length 60′ – area 1,815 sq.

Artist/Design – Tony Hendrick, Grand Ledge, MI. Overall design, mural backdrop on aluminum panels, fish fabrication/Alpena residents and community members: Fish painting and design

Medium/Material – Mural/aluminum panels, acrylic paint and clear coat; 13 three dimensional fish/plastic coated styrofoam, acrylic paint, clear coat, metal re-bar for support

Information provided by Thunder Bay Art Council & Gallery, Tim Kuehnlein

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