Global Collaboration Awareness (2017)

Located at Alpena Community College, this sculpture of seven spheres represents the earth globe comprised of seven seas and seven continents. It was inspired by the armillary sphere (1582) of Antonio Santucci at the library of El Escorial in Spain. Furthermore, it represents global awareness and collaboration in educational endeavors, bridging the social sciences, humanities, and arts with the technical trades across disciplines and programs of study at Alpena Community College. Faculty, students, and college staff conceptualized, designed, constructed, and placed the sculpture on the Alpena Bi-Path. After gathering inspiration from social science and humanities faculty, technical design students and faculty in engineering collaborated with welding, concrete technology, and utility technology programs. The project encouraged discovery and promotion of the value of an ACC education.

Sphere height 14.6′ – diameter 7.8′ – weight 250 lbs.

Pedestal height 5′ – width 4′

Artists/Design – Scott Stevens, Stevens Custom Fabrication. Stephanie Richards, Mechanical Design Technology Student. Brittany Worth, Mechanical Design Technology Student. Jim Berles, Pre-Engineering/Math Faculty. David Cummins, Mechanical Design Technology/Marine Technology Faculty. Tim Kuehnlein, Political Science/History Faculty.

Medium/Material – Sculpture welding/aluminum

Information provided by Thunder Bay Art Council & Gallery, Tim Kuehnlein

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