Departure of the Great Blue Herons (2017)

Thunder Bay Arts Council, Inc. worked with Ann Gildner of Iron One Studio to resurrect the sculpture component of the Alpena Sculptured Bikeway/Walkway from the original 1974/1976 conceptualization celebrating our nation’s Bicentennial. The characterization of Great Blue Herons in departure symbolizes the dawn of a new era for the arts in Alpena and Northeast Michigan. It also plays on the Blue Herons’ versatility and agility to habitat, paralleling TBAC’s responsiveness to the arts and cultural vibrancy of our community. As one of the oldest continuous arts councils in the State of Michigan, TBAC has been a part of Alpena and Northeast Michigan’s elevation of arts and culture as a central part of community and economic development, consistently and steadfastly reaching new heights with each generation.

Sculpture height 21′ – width 8.9′ – length 19′ – 800 lbs.

Base height 3′ – width 6′ – depth 4′

Artist/Design – Iron One Studio, Michigan Artists – Ann Gildner, Thomas Moran, Mary Zinke. Thunder Bay Arts Council, Inc. Board of Directors (2016-2017)

Information provided by Thunder Bay Art Council & Gallery, Tim Kuehnlein

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