O.B. Eustis Memorial (1987)

This memorial stone honors with appreciation the life of O.B. Eustis, strong promoter of Island Park visions and of viewing lookout. Because of his commitment to the island, the August 6, 1987 dedication ceremony was held at the viewing platform, with a panoramic view of the river, scattered islands, and wildlife. The bronze plaque reads: “With appreciation for the life of O.B. Eustis, 1913-1986. One of Nature’s Noblemen. Steadfast champion of our woods and waters and all that live therein. Outdoorsman – Conservationist – Industrialist – Student of Nature – Author – Sportsman – Common Sense Philosopher – Teacher”

Stone height 5.5′ – width 2.6′ – depth 1′

Plaque height 1′ – width 8″

Artist/Design – John Van Schoick/Wording by Vernie Nethercut

Information provided by Thunder Bay Art Council & Gallery, Tim Kuehnlein

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