Sculptured Fountain (1979)

This is the first sculpture of the Alpena Sculptured Bikeway/Walkway Project of 1974/1976 (known as the Alpena Bi-Path) in commemoration of the nation’s Bicentennial celebration. Thunder Bay Arts Council, Inc. commissioned this sculpture with financial assistance from the Jesse Besser Fund, Michigan Council for the Arts, local individual and corporate donations. The sculpture’s Fan and Horse Tail water jets reflect the heritage of the lakes and rivers surrounding Alpena. The strong vertical thrust echoes the tall trees of the surrounding timberlands.

Sculpture height 6′ – width 5′ – length 14′ – weight 1,500 lbs.

Pool depth 2′ – diameter 24′

Artist/Design – Glen Michaels, Michigan Artist

Medium/Material – Sculpture fountain/cast bronze, rolled metal, concrete, plastic

Information provided by Thunder Bay Art Council & Gallery, Tim Kuehnlein

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