Alpena – A Sanctuary of Dark Skies

2024-03-18T15:16:00+00:00April 17, 2023|Activities, Inspiring Alpena, Local News, Outdoor Activities|

If we had to pick something off the Alpena bucket list that you should never miss, it would be our dark sky experience!  In February 2016, three state parks in the Alpena area received dark sky designation. These sanctuaries are far away from the harsh effects of excessive artificial light pollution, which negatively impacts ecosystems […]

Spring is Here, Watch for Cyclists!

2024-03-18T15:19:11+00:00April 13, 2023|Activities, Festivals & Events|

Spring is here and you know what that means? Baby animals, sunnier days, and cyclists! Many motorists on the road are unaware of the laws regarding cyclists and bike lanes. So, with the help of Tommy Dowd from Harborside Cycle & Sport, we’ve compiled a list of important laws and safety precautions for motorists and […]

Michigan Maple Syrup: the Inside Scoop on a Backyard Production

2024-03-18T15:19:11+00:00April 5, 2023|Activities, Festivals & Events, Food & Drink, Inspiring Alpena, Local News, Outdoor Activities|

Michigan is blessed with an abundance of maple trees, and maple syrup is the first farm crop to be harvested in Michigan each year. The process of making maple syrup didn’t begin with pancakes, though. North American Indians used it both as food and as medicine. Early American settlers observed the process from the Native […]

New Information Released on UFO Sighting Near Lake Huron

2024-03-24T15:00:51+00:00April 1, 2023|Local News|

**Breaking News** ALPENA, Michigan (CVB) – New information has been leaked to the public on the UFO sighting over Lake Huron in the Alpena Area this past February. According to reports and first-hand witness accounts, contact was in fact made with the object and its occupants inside at local Dark Sky Park, Rockport State Recreation […]

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