**Breaking News**

ALPENA, Michigan (CVB) – New information has been leaked to the public on the UFO sighting over Lake Huron in the Alpena Area this past February. According to reports and first-hand witness accounts, contact was in fact made with the object and its occupants inside at local Dark Sky Park, Rockport State Recreation Area.

Officials are remaining tight-lipped about information, however, the following photos have been leaked to the press. We believe these photos speak for themselves:

A peaceful night at the dark sky park ended with an unexpected guest

A couple shines a light on what appears to be the UFO circling around in the sky

The specimen did exit the ship for a quick photo-op to relieve themselves on the rock pile

Luckily, our dark sky patrons were also able to capture this extraterrestrial event on video and it has since been uploaded to YouTube. You can watch the video of the UFO encounter over Alpena here – UFO SIGHTING OVER ALPENA