Covered Bridge and Water Tower (2015)

Built over the course of a year and based on one man’s dream and a community of support, this hand-hewn architectural contribution to the City of Alpena and the Alpena Bi-Path bridges space and people in a reflection of our natural surroundings as well as time, both past and present. You can visit Island Park by walking across this covered pedestrian bridge that straddles the Thunder Bay River and Wildlife Sanctuary at the center of downtown Alpena. Hear your footsteps echo on the solid wood floor as you walk over the lazy water of the Thunder Bay River slowly flowing underneath. One can ponder the present, reflect on the past, and dream about the future.

Bridge height 20′ – width 15′ – length 47′ to 137′ with approaches

Tower height 36′ – diameter 10′ 

Artist/Design- Michael Kendziorski, Alpena, MI

Medium/Material – Architecture hand-hewn woodwork/red pine, jack pine, stone and concrete and cedar shake shingle

Information provided by Thunder Bay Art Council & Gallery, Tim Kuehnlein

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