Three-Inch 50 Caliber Dual Purpose Naval Deck Gun (c.1940-1948)

This type of gun was used by the US Navy prior to and during WWII as the principal weapon for vessels smaller than destroyers. It also was used by the US Army as an anti-tank weapon. During World War II, the Besser Company in Alpena produced parts for this gun. The breech mount is like those made by Besser Company employees. Loaned to the Besser Museum in 1978 by the Department of the Navy’s Naval History and Heritage Command. Maximum range was 14,600 yards at 45 degrees elevation and ceiling was 29,800 ft. (9,100 m) at 85 degrees elevation. Useful life expectancy was 4,300 effective full charges (EFC) per barrel.

Length 12.8′ – barrel length 12.5′

Design – United States Navy

Medium/Material – Historic artifact/Gun steel, with a chromium-plated bore with additional chromium plating on the inside of the chamber and on some external surfaces.

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