Rugged, yet pristine, Rockport State Recreation Area is Michigan’s ____ state park?

It’s National Trivia Day, so we concocted a part 2 to the “So You Think You Know Alpena” quiz. Can you answer all the following questions correctly about Alpena, MI? Take the quiz below to find out if you are an expert on everything Alpena or if your Alpena knowledge is a bit rusty. If you’re a tourist or new to the area, try this quiz out to learn more about our diverse area. Good luck!

  1. Which parallel is Alpena located on?
    1. 35th
    2. 45th
    3. 55th
  2. There are 3 other known Alpena’s in the United States. Which states are they in?
    1. Arkansas, West Virginia, North Dakota
    2. South Dakota, Arkansas, Virginia
    3. West Virginia, Arkansas, South Dakota
  3. How many times has the Outdoor Channel’s, Fishing University, been to Alpena?
    1. 3
    2. 2
    3. 1
  4. What was the name of the legendary man who sold his famous hamburgers in Alpena from the 1930’s-1950’s?
    1. Mark Davies a.k.a. Sideways Marky
    2. Vinny Moore a.k.a. Pull ’em down Vinny
    3. Tony Harrison a.k.a. Push ’em up Tony
  5. Rockport State Recreation Area is Michigan’s ___ state park?
    1. 150th
    2. 100th
    3. 50th
  6. Alpena is home to the world’s only freshwater marine sanctuary, true or false?
    1. True
    2. False
  7. What was the name of the first Alpena newspaper that was published in Alpena County on April 29, 1863?
    1. The Thunder Bay Monitor
    2. The Alpena Gazette
    3. The Thunder Bay Star
  8. The Alpena County Courthouse is noted for its ____ architectural style.
    1. Colonial
    2. Mid Century Modern
    3. Art Deco
  9. At which Alpena festival can you try and catch “Big Brownie”?
    1. Brown Trout Festival
    2. Maritime Festival
    3. Blues Festival
  10. As you enter Alpena from US 23 South, what is the name of the bay between Alpena and Ossineke?
    1. Running Bear Bay
    2. Squaw Bay
    3. Birdsong Bay
  11. What was the name of the bomber purchased by the citizens of Alpena during WWII?
    1. The Thunder Bay Bomber
    2. The Thunder Bay Babe
    3. The Thunder Bay Blast
  12. Which state park is home to one of the last 50 remaining examples of “forested wet swale communities”?
    1. Rockport State Recreation Area
    2. Negwegon State Park
    3. Thompson’s Harbor State Park
  13. Who was the inventor and manufacturer for which many places are named after in Alpena?
    1. Stanley Beck
    2. William Comstock
    3. Jesse Besser
  14. Alpena County Regional Airport was a setting for which of these movies/TV shows?
    1. Die Hard 2
    2. Home Improvement
    3. Both a and b
  15. What was the name of the automobile manufactured by The Alpena Motor Car Company in 1910?
    1. The Alpena Flyer
    2. The Alpena Cruiser
    3. The Alpena Rider


Answers: (Correct answers are worth 3 pts each)
  1. b. 45th
  2. c. West Virginia, Arkansas, South Dakota
  3. a. 3, Fishing University has been in Alpena for the past 3 years in 2016, 2015, and 2014
  4. c. Tony Harrison, a.k.a. Push ’em up Tony
  5. b. 100th, Rockport State Recreation Area
  6. a. True, Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary
  7. a. The Thunder Bay Monitor
  8. c. Art Deco
  9. a. Brown Trout Festival
  10. b. Squaw Bay
  11. b. The Thunder Bay Babe
  12. c. Thompson’s Harbor State Park
  13. c. Jesse Besser (Besser Company, Besser Credit Union, Besser Museum for Northeast Michigan, Besser Natural Area)
  14. c. Both a and b. Many residents of Alpena acted as extras for the Die Hard 2 scene with Bruce Willis. The Home Improvement episode with Tim Allen was called, “T’was the flight before Christmas”.
  15. a. The Alpena Flyer


33-45 Points

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18-30 Points

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3-15 Points

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