Do you know the nickname given to Alpena Light by locals?

Can you answer all the following questions correctly about Alpena, MI? Take the quiz below to find out if you are an expert on everything Alpena or if your Alpena knowledge is a bit rusty. If you’re a tourist or new to the area, try this quiz out to learn more about our diverse area. Good luck!

  1. What year did the village of Fremont become known as Alpena?
    1. 1859
    2. 1826
    3. 1892
  2. How many designated dark sky preserves are in the Alpena area?
    1. 1
    2. 2
    3. 3
  3. How many times has the Outdoor Channel’s, Major League Fishing, been to Alpena?
    1. 3
    2. 2
    3. 1
  4. The small Alpena light that sits at the boat harbor is also known by locals as what?
    1. Satellite/Big Red
    2. Sputnik/Little Red
    3. Skeletor/Red Light
  5. What is Alpena also known as?
    1. Sanctuary of the Thunder Bay
    2. Shipwreck Sanctuary
    3. Sanctuary of the Great Lakes
  6. Alpena started out as a _______ town.
    1. Logging
    2. Mining
    3. Farming
  7. Approximately how many shipwrecks lie in the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary underwater preserve?
    1. Approximately 100
    2. Approximately 200
    3. Approximately 300
  8. How many lighthouses are within 50 miles of Alpena?
    1. 7
    2. 10
    3. 4
  9. Where can one find life size replicas of prehistoric creatures in the Alpena area?
    1. Jurassic Park
    2. Land of the Lost
    3. Dinosaur Gardens
  10. What is the meaning of the French word “Presque Isle”?
    1. Almost an island
    2. Big island
    3. Small island
  11. The cannon that is currently displayed on the lawn of city hall was taken off of what sunken battleship?
    1. USS Arizona
    2. USS Utah
    3. USS Maine
  12. The port of Alpena was originally named Anamickee in 1840 for the Chippewa Chief who signed the treaty of 1826. What does “Anamickee” mean?
    1. Lightening
    2. Thunder
    3. Storm
  13. What is the trail that runs from Alpena to Cheboygan called?
    1. Northeastern State Trail (NEST)
    2. Norway Ridge
    3. Chippewa Hills
  14. Fossil collecting is a fun pastime at the abandoned quarry in Rockport State Recreation Area. Which prehistoric era are these particular fossils from?
    1. Permian
    2. Ordovician
    3. Devonian
  15. What is the name of the glass bottom boat that services tourists and locals to the shipwrecks of the Thunder Bay?
    1. Lady Alpena
    2. Lady Michigan
    3. Lady of the Great Lakes

      Alpena Marina Aerial w sun over water

      Aerial view of the beautiful Thunder Bay. Do you know why it was named Thunder Bay? (Photo courtesy of Infinity Graphic Design)

Answers: (Correct answers are worth 3 pts each)
  1. a. 1859
  2. c. 3 (Rockport State Recreation Area, Negwegon State Park, Thompson’s Harbor State Park)
  3. b. 2 (Major League Fishing filmed in Alpena in 2013 and 2016)
  4. b. Sputnik/Little Red
  5. c. Sanctuary of the Great Lakes
  6. a. Logging
  7. b. Approx. 200
  8. a. 7 (Old Presque Isle Lighthouse, New Presque Isle Lighthouse, 40-mile Point Lighthouse, Sturgeon Point Lighthouse, Middle Island Lighthouse, Thunder Bay Island Lighthouse, and Alpena Light)
  9. c. Dinosaur Gardens
  10. a. Almost an island
  11. c. USS Maine
  12. b. Thunder
  13. a. Northeastern State Trail (NEST)
  14. c. Devonian
  15. b. Lady Michigan


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