Eat. Play. Sleep. Play. Eat some more. More play. Sleep again. Repeat. The life of dog is simple and sweet. They shower us with love and affection and only ask that we do the same.

Thomas Stafford Dog Park

For two years local residents, Abby O’Bryan and Alisha Manning, have spent countless hours before City Council, working on a Patronicity campaign, and holding fundraisers around Alpena to get the wheels turning for an off-leash city dog park. All those long hours and all the generous donations have made this possible!

Thomas Stafford Dog Park is now officially open behind the Alpena Post Office at North Riverfront Park. The dog park provides a completely fenced in beautiful view of the Thunder Bay River, benches, water spigot, mutt mitts, garbage receptacles, and plenty of tunnels and play space for making new friends!

Tunnel play!

Have you taken your furry compadre to the new dog park yet? Share your pics with the Thomas Stafford Dog Park Facebook page.

Ever wonder what your dog is thinking while at the dog park? Check out this funny video by Petcentric below!