It’s wedding season! Are you getting married in Alpena? Whether you are getting hitched this year or the next, it’s time to start thinking about those jaw-dropping photo backdrops that showcase the beauty of your big day.

Marrying your best friend will be one of the best days of your life. Show it off at one or more of these iconic outdoor locations in our Sanctuary of the Great Lakes!

Covered Bridge & Water Tower at Duck Park/Island Park

Located at Duck Park (corner of Chisholm St/US-23 & Johnson St./Long Rapids Rd.), Alpena

Constructed in the summer of 2015, this hand-hewn wooden bridge is often the centerpiece picturesque backdrop for wedding photos, senior portraits, paddling trips, and hiking adventures. With the peaceful Thunder Bay River below, you won’t want to miss a photo-op at this covered bridge connecting Duck Park to Island Park.

Rockport State Recreation Area

Located at the end of Rockport Rd. off US-23 N., Alpena

Rockport State Recreation Area has made it in some way, shape or form into every die-hard Alpena adventurer’s photo album at one time or another. The scenic views of crystal clear Lake Huron can be captured from the rock pile (climb at your own risk), the deep water ports, and beaches throughout the trail system.

Presque Isle Lighthouses

Old Presque Isle Lighthouse located at 5295 E. Grand Lake Rd., Presque Isle

New Presque Isle Lighthouse located at 4500 E. Grand Lake Rd., Presque Isle

The Old and New Presque Isle Lighthouses are easily accessible by vehicle spring through fall and make the perfect Northern Michigan backdrops. Take a photo from the top of the lighthouses for a scenic view above the tree line. New Presque Isle light is the tallest accessible lighthouse on the Great Lakes and on a clear day you can even see Canada! On contrast, Old Presque Isle light is the oldest accessible lighthouse on the Great Lakes.

Break Wall

Located at 250 Prentiss St., Alpena (address belongs to the Alpena Yacht Club, you will see the break wall just past the club)

Alpena’s Small Boat Harbor is embraced by a beautiful pier for walking, jogging and spectacular panoramic photo opportunities of the mighty Lake Huron. Alpena’s Little Red Lighthouse greets you at the end. Miles and miles of Lake Huron’s Thunder Bay coastline is the backdrop for this Pure Michigan wedding photo experience.

Bay View Park

Located at 250 Prentiss St., Alpena (address belongs to the Alpena Yacht Club, Bay View Park is just beyond the bandshell) 

This park holds a special place in the hearts of Alpenians. This is where we take our kids to play at the Kiddie Park, where we watch free concerts at the bandshell, play tennis/basketball, and watch Movies by the Bay. The shoreline is particularly special with the giant rocks forming a barrier between lake and land. Strike a pose on these rocks for a truly Alpena background!

Downtown Alleyways/State Theater Marquee

Downtown Alpena, 2nd Avenue

Fancy an old town vibe with turn of the century buildings for your backdrops? Look no further than downtown in the alleyways and city sidewalks. If you contact the State Theater ahead of time, they will even place a “congratulations” with your names on the marquee! Contact State Theater at 989-354-8113 for more information.

Blair Street Pier

Located at the end of Blair St. off State St., Alpena  

What sets this beach apart from the others in Alpena is the charming boardwalk that juts out into the Thunder Bay on Lake Huron. Similarly to the Break Wall, Blair Street Pier will give you the panoramic views of Lake Huron that you will only find here in our Sanctuary of the Great Lakes.

Rotary Mill Island Park Gazebo and Thunder Bay River

Located at 500 W. Fletcher St. (address belongs to Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary, Gazebo is located behind) 

This small hidden island is tucked away on the Thunder Bay River, near the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Cross the charming foot bridge and find yourself enveloped in quiet respite with blooming flowers, a canopy of trees, peaceful water, and a delightful gazebo.

Walking Bridge at Rotary Island & Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary

Located at 500 W. Fletcher St., behind the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary 

Intricate and charming, this walking bridge is conveniently located just behind the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Providing pristine views of the Thunder Bay River below, there is plenty of space for the entire bridal party to strike a pose!


Photo credits from top to bottom: Covered bridge- Stephanie Loewe, Presque Isle Lighthouse- Paul Retherford (flicker), State Theater- Melissa Lappan with photography by Mitch Ranger.