The winter white aftermath of our March lion at Norway Ridge. (Photo courtesy of Laura Wolosiewicz)

The famous proverb of March, “comes in like a lion, goes out like a lamb”. Have you heard of it? The saying comes forth from several ideas. Some say it is due to March being such a changeable month- starting in the winter season and ending in the spring season. Some say it came about due to the belief in bad spirits and the idea that there has to be balance between weather and life; therefore if the weather for the month came in roaring like a lion, it would go out calm and docile like a lamb. And some say to look no further than the stars for the answer, as Leo (the lion) is rising in the beginning of March and by April it becomes Aries (the ram/lamb).

Idioms are quite common in folklore expression of weather patterns and farming. Whether you put much merit into them or not, “comes in  like a lion” certainly held true to the Alpena area yesterday.

The day started with heavy rains and as temperatures dropped and the storm set in, we were left with white out conditions, zero visibility, and hazardous roads county-wide. Local law enforcement encouraged everyone to stay off the roads and reported more than 65 vehicles going off road and into the ditches. Schools closed, businesses closed early, and the city bunkered down to safely ride out this “lion” of 2017.

Today we are left with approximately 10 inches or more of aftermath, a beautiful blanket of white snow to go perfectly with your last minute winter plans. We have heard reports from Thunder Bay Trails Association that the trails are being groomed today and will be good to go for weekend for cross country skiing and snowshoes. Check out spots like the NEST Trail, Norway Ridge, Chippewa Hills Pathway, and Besser Natural Area for a fun adventure in your own personal winter wonderland!

Whether or not March goes out like a lamb is yet to be determined…do you think we will have a smooth transition into spring? Or late snowstorms like last year in April?