Refocusing a Creative Brand for a New Era

New signage is displayed outside of the Thunder Bay Art Gallery storefront on Chisholm St.

“Taking inspiration from the Blue Heron, the TBA logo is a signifier of our core value pillars (Tradition, People, Expression and Versatility) while bringing in the storytelling aesthetics (Timelessness, Nature, and Performance) of our mission and programming. Without being overly nature-focused, we pay homage to our surrounding area and incorporated neon elements from classic and communal diner motifs – inspiring tradition and timelessness with a modern edge. Ultimately, our goal is to bring together the refreshed design aesthetic and brand experience to our revered patrons and newcomers alike.”

Thunder Bay Art Gallery encompasses all forms of artistic expression by supporting and collaborating with Movies by the Bay and Sunrise 45 Film Festival on the film front, public concerts, sculptures around Alpena, and Art on the Bay every July during the first weekend of the Brown Trout Festival. Here are the following public sculptures that are finished and currently on display:

  • History of Industry – made by a series of artists located at Alpena Community College campus and Washington Avenue Park.
  • Departure of the Great Blue Herons – created by Ann Gildner and located off the bi-path near the wooden covered bridge. Part of the Alpena Sculptured Bikeway – Walkway Bicentennial Project
  • American Dogs – created by Dale Rogers and located at Alpena’s Thomas Stafford dog park behind the Alpena Post Office.
The Thunder Bay Art Gallery features a variety of different local and regional artists. Stop by and see the beautiful abstract/scenic work, woodwork, fiber pieces, silk scarves, jewelry, and so much more! Located on 127 W. Chisholm St. in downtown Alpena. Be sure to check out their new website at
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November/December Featured Artist: Barbara Weisenburg