Now more than ever, it is so important to stay calm and healthy during this period of social distancing. Here are 10 different ideas for you to do from home to help you stay focused and keep the boredom away.
A good cup of coffee or tea, a book or a journal, and a snack to kick off your hygge day. Photo by Kingsli Kraft

A good cup of coffee or tea, a book or a journal, and a snack for social distancing days. Photo by Kingsli Kraft

  1. Meditate. If you have never meditated before, Studio Rubedo is offering “Meditate in the Sanctuary” classes online beginning March 28th.
  2. Put together a puzzle.
  3. Learn a foreign language. Download apps such as Duolingo.
  4. Plan your next vacation. Because this is only temporary and you should have something to look forward to! Even if it’s a stay-cation, plan the places you will go and the sights you will see in your hometown.
  5. Watch movies. Lots and lots of movies!
  6. Paint. Art in the Loft is offering kids smART classes with kits you can take home!
  7. Clean out that junk drawer.
  8. Work on home projects you’ve been putting off.
  9. Exercise at home or hike/bike the trails. Under the executive stay-at-home order in Michigan, people may leave the house to engage in outdoor activity as long as they are consistent with remaining at least 6 feet from other people. Alpena trails, parks, and beaches
  10. Skype with friends and family.

You can find more ideas here – 100 Things to do While Stuck Inside

Remember to stay positive and kind. Call your neighbor. Make sure others are okay without compromising your own health. Practice self-care daily! 7r54