Halloween may be over with, but the fall fun doesn’t have to be! If you’re looking for something fun and out of the ordinary to do on Sunday Fun-days with friends and family, why not try out our fall scavenger hunt?

The rules are simple: the first one to check off all of the items on the list wins! We’ve made it slightly advanced in that you must find certain things in certain locations…if you’re looking for a quicker scavenger hunt, just omit the locations and simply look for the items. Happy hunting! 

Look For:

__ an orange leaf at Norway Ridge

__ a yellow leaf at Chippewa Hills Pathway

__ a red leaf off of the Alpena Bi-Path

__ a squirrel at Evergreen or Holy Cross Cemetery  

__ a spider web on your walk 

__ a pumpkin at AJ’s Berry Farm


__ homemade apple cider from Knaebe’s, hard cider for ages 21+

__ pumpkin pie from any restaurant or bakery in town

__ hot chocolate from Cabin Creek or As You Wish

__ fresh apples from the Alpena Farmer’s Market 

__ corn on the cob at John A. Lau Saloon

__ Oktoberfest seasonal beer from Austin Brothers; under 21 substitute a home-made pretzel instead 

__ cinnamon roll from Connie’s Café 

Move Through Nature, at any location: 

__ climb a tree

__ cross a stream or a babbling brook

__ jump over a log

__ run and jump into a pile of leaves

__ cross a bridge

Please share your scavenger hunt adventures with us on Facebook or Instagram by tagging Sanctuary of the Great Lakes and hashtagging #alpenascavengerhunt #fallforalpena #visitalpena #sanctuaryofthegreatlakes #alpena