Alpena State Police Post in 1938

The Michigan State Police was formed during World War I to serve as a home guard while many men were actively serving their country in the armed forces. Eventually, the duties of the State Police were changed and they became a permanent part of law enforcement in Michigan, totaling 300 men by 1919.

On June 22, 1933, the Alpena Post of the State Police was closed. Concerned Alpena citizens strongly appealed to the state government for the re-establishment of the Alpena Post…..and on November 26, 1935, the ground was broken for the new Alpena State Police Post at the corner of State Avenue and Ripley Boulevard. Completed in 1936, it was constructed, as were many others during the Depression, with monies and jobs created by the WPA (Works Progress Administration).

Today, the Alpena Michigan State Police Post is located at 3283 W Washington Ave, Alpena, MI 49707.



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