Downtown Alpena shoppers; captured by Leslie Male

‘Tis the season! It’s that time of year when many are out and about, searching for the perfect gift to give friends and family members as a token of love and appreciation. Did you know that by shopping local, you also show the same love and support to the community that you live in? Also, locally spent dollars instantly impact the economy of the community.

Here are just a few ways that shopping local stimulates our economy:
When you shop local, you are guaranteed to find the most unique gifts for others and yourself, as this ensures product diversity.

  • By shopping locally, you continue to support our schools, police, and fire department, as most of the taxes and local business expenditure stays local.
  • You build a strong local economy by raising property values, strengthening the community, creating jobs, and encouraging local prosperity. A recent study showed that when you spend $100 locally, $68 stays in the community. In comparison, when you shop at big box stores $43 stays in the community, and when you shop online $0 stays in the community (unless it is via the online storefront of a local brick and mortar business). 
  • A few major benefits happen for you as well: you get to avoid the crowds of mass chaos at chain stores, you receive personalized customer service, and you reduce your carbon footprint as many local shops also buy local; thus, the need for the long transportation of goods is not needed.

There are hundreds of businesses in the Alpena area so think about what you can check off your list from local businesses this year and show the community some love, appreciation, and support this holiday season!

Here are just a few Alpena events you can participate in for kicking off the holiday shopping season by supporting local business owners and charitable causes: (Click on the event name to be directed to the event page for details)

November 17- Holiday Open House

November 18- Season of Light Christmas Gala

November 23- Dork Brother’s Turkey Trot 5k Run/Walk

November 24- Bolenz Jewelry Holiday Parade and Tree Lighting Ceremony

November 25- Small Business Saturday

November 25- Home for the Holidays

November 25- Winter Art Walk 

November 28- Huron Humane Society Giving Tuesday 

As always, stay tuned to our event calendar at to keep up on all things happening in Alpena this holiday season!