From discovering sinkholes in Mystery Valley, to hiking the forgotten village of Bell, never miss out on an Alpena area adventure again by following WBKB’s Field Trip Fridays!

Maybe you’ve always wanted to venture out into the sinkholes, take a dance class, or splash in Ocqueoc Falls, but for whatever reason (busy life, immobility, or lack of awareness of these treasures) life prevented you from enjoying these tranquil escapes. Now, WBKB brings the adventure to you right in your own home! Watch Elijah Baker and Larissa Liska boldly dive in and discover Alpena like true pioneers embarking on adventure after adventure.

We hope they will inspire you to get out there and explore these natural wonders and fun experiences for yourself! For now, you can relish in their adventure by watching the YouTube links provided below. 

Ocqueoc Falls:

Mystery Valley:

Knaebe’s Mmmunchy Krunchy Apple Farm:–gFnQYyzVo

Extreme Laser Tag Challenge:

Yoga Class at BAC:

Hiking the Village of Bell:

You can find more Friday Field Trips by visiting WBKB’s YouTube channel