First we brought you “10 Things to Do During an Alpena Winter“, now we are bringing you the ultimate packing guide for a winter adventure here in the Sanctuary of the Great Lakes.
Basic clothing needs for any outdoor winter adventure: Layers! Layers! Layers!
  • First you need your base layer. Anything for wicking; allowing for perspiration to evaporate. Wool and synthetic fabrics such as polyester work best. Try and stay away from cotton.
  • For your mid layer, an insulating jacket or vest works well. Use fabrics like wool, down, or fleece.
  • For the top layer make sure it is waterproof, a lined soft shell works great!
  • If you are going to wear jeans be sure to wear warm long underwear underneath your jeans. Lined winter snow pants are the best way to go.
  • Hats, face mask, water proof gloves/mittens, smart wool socks, and boots!
  • For snowshoeing, skiing, and skating, bring your snowshoes, skis, and skates of course! Or you can rent skates at Northern Lights Arena and you can rent skis at Harborside Cycle & Sport.
Survival essentials: To get through the day without any setbacks.
  • Water bottles. Bring an insulated thermos to keep water from freezing.
  • Snacks. It’s never fun getting hungry right in the middle of an epic adventure!
  • Map/compass. It’s also never fun getting lost.
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses and chapstick. Even though it is winter you can still get a sunburn or windburn; keep your lips moisturized to prevent painful chapping.
  • A fully charged cellphone.
For the ice fisher: Basic ice fishing equipment.
  • Sled for pulling your gear
  • 5 gallon bucket, also doubles as a chair to sit on
  • Hand or gas auger
  • Spud
  • Jig pole/tip up
  • Knife
  • Bait/tackle
  • Ice shanty or shelter if it is really windy or extremely cold
For the wintertime photographer: Basics for the novice.
And don’t forget to bring these, no matter what winter adventure you choose:
  • Your appetite
  • An open mind

There you have it, Alpena’s Ultimate Packing Guide for a winter adventure. Share all your winter adventures with us by following us on Facebook and Instagram, and by sharing hashtags #sanctuaryofthegreatlakes and #alpena. We can’t wait to see your best shots!