From Dark Skies to Sunrises, Alpena has your late nights and early mornings covered. Offering the brightest and clearest views of the night sky that turn into those first orange hued rays of a beautiful sunrise, kissing the waters of Lake Huron. It’s truly magnificent.

But what about those who are not late-night owls or early morning risers? You’re in luck because the Alpena area also sports some of the best sunsets around! Check out these spots below and email us with your favorite spots and shots of Alpena’s finest sunsets; uncrowded and stress-free.

Barry Schatz September Sunset Grand Lake

A painted reflection of a Grand Lake sunset; photo courtesy of Barry Schatz

Sunset Joanne Root

The sun sets behind the glass waters of the Thunder Bay River; photo courtesy of Joanne Root







Hubbard Lake 2

An orange sky lights up the tree line and the waters of Hubbard Lake; photo courtesy of Alisha Bouchard





Wilson township sunset corn field

A beautiful country setting in Wilson Township as the sun sets behind the corn fields; photo courtesy of Alpena CVB









sunset at the dip Katie Taylor

At “the dip”, where E. Grand Lake Rd. cuts between Grand Lake and Lotus Pond; photo courtesy of Katie Taylor









boat launch fairgrounds sunset paul gerow

Watching the sun make room for the night sky from the Alpena Fairgrounds boat launch; photo courtesy of Paul Gerow








Watch the sunset from Lake Huron at Rockport State Recreation Area; photo courtesy of Alisha Bouchard





Island park sunset

A sunset swirl dances in the evening sky at Island Park; photo courtesy of IG user @jacobrowman90










sunset Grand Lake outlet Katie Taylor

A sunset of burnt oranges along the Grand Lake outlet; photo courtesy of Katie Taylor


The sun just beginning its descent into Long Lake; photo courtesy of Kristi Witt