tony burger lats Taishaw Pemberton Jordan Travis

Jordan Travis eats a Tony Burger at Latitudes Tavern in Alpena. Photo courtesy Taishaw Pemberton


Tony Harrison stands in front of his “hamburg” stand on State Street in Alpena

We thought we’d feature the legendary Tony Harrison  to coincide with our recent Alpena: Sancutary of the Great Lakes’ Gourmet Bucket List. Have you ever heard of “Tony Burgers” in Alpena? Well they are in honor of “Push ‘Em Up Tony”, who had a small restaurant off of State street from the 1930’s-1950’s. Tony, (along with his cat), became famous all over Michigan for making the best 15 cent ‘hamburg’ ever! It is said that no one has yet been able to duplicate the real Tony Burger, but you can find a scrumptious rendition at Latitudes Tavern of Alpena! The famous Tony Harrison will be long remembered in the Sanctuary of the Great Lakes!