On Saturday summer will be officially over. We will start to tune into the earthy smells of autumn, the wind, the colors, and the breeze.

But, wait! Before we get into “pumpkin spice everything” with our obligatory flannel shirts, let us reminisce on the beautiful warm days of summer Alpena was blessed with! As told through the photos of our Instagram fans on @sanctuary_of_the_great_lakes.

We fell in love all over again with our dark skies…

Negwegon State Park. Photo courtesy Steve Jakubcin

We waved our flags and celebrated our independence in true Alpena fashion…

4th of July parade in Alpena. Photo courtesy Holly Sosa

We enjoyed the little things…

Enjoying some Downtown Scoops on a hot summer day. Photo Courtesy Michele Madison

…and we stopped to smell the flowers.

Hungry little bee amongst the flowers. Photo courtesy Micah Faunce

We made a splash!

The new splash pad at Starlite Beach. Photo courtesy Ollie Maciejewski

While we dove back into our sanctuary.

The Lady Michigan glass bottom boat. Photo courtesy Bryan Dort

We rejoiced in nature with 4-legged friends…

Sunset with best friends. Photo courtesy @mgarber95

…and through the obstacles, we remained flexible!

Yoga pose at Bay View. Photo courtesy Abby Avallon


We hope you enjoyed your summer in Alpena to the fullest. Remember to follow us on Instagram, @sanctuary_of_the_great_lakes and use hashtags #visitalpena #alpena #sanctuaryofthegreatlakes.
Now, let’s bring on the fall colors!