The new year is coming and it’s time to leave 2021 in the past along with 2020! 

Whether you are a local or a tourist, a bucket list is a great way to explore your own backyard and Michigan treasures. As the official Sanctuary of the Great Lakes, Alpena is particularly full of treasures; you just need to know where to look. So if you are in Alpena all year round, or just for a short time, here is the 2022 bucket list for you:

Snowy winter:
Adam Zeeman has a blast sledding after a winter snowfall. Photo courtesy, Paul Gerow.

Adam Zeeman has a blast sledding after a winter snowfall. Photo courtesy, Paul Gerow.

Blossoming spring:
Bass fishing catch

Alpena Bass Outfitters guide, Connor Gagnon, holds up his catch! Photo by Joe Gall Photography

  • Go kayaking in the Thunder Bay River.
  • Eat local. Start shopping at the Alpena Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning.
  • Watch the sunrise over Lake Huron from the Blair St. Pier beach.
  • Take a walk over the covered bridge which connects Duck Park to Island Park. Stroll through the groomed trails of Island Park and watch as nature comes back to life.
  • Spring ride or walk through the Besser Natural Area. For a real adventure, take a bike ride through Chippewa Hills Pathway.
  • Book a fishing charter on Lake Huron or one of our inland lakes.
Sunny summer:
splash park bucket dump

Splash Park at Starlite Beach, by Joe Gall Photography

Blustery autumn:
kayaking the river in fall

Kayaking through fall foliage; photography by Paul Gerow

There is something for everyone, for every season in the Sanctuary of the Great Lakes. Start your Alpena bucket list on January 1st, for an adventurous new year!

For a complete list of adventures, print out our Adventure Checklist here.

For the calendar of events, go to and stay tuned for updates!