Paul Gerow with corey code water boarding

Corey Code water boards on Long Lake, photo by Paul Gerow

Summer is here and it’s time to “just add water” to your weekends and holidays! Lucky for you, Alpena has a variety of locations which makes summers on the water a breeze. Here are a few of our biggest lakes that’ll have you lake bound in no time!

First up is Lake Huron, Alpena’s “big lake” offers a variety of water recreation from fishing, boating, jet skiing, and kite surfing. Yes, kite surfing! This big lake can produce some nice waves, making kite surfing and paddleboarding an exciting, adrenaline-rushed experience! You just might even begin to think that you are in the ocean, except these waters are unsalted and shark free for a more enjoyable experience. (No offense oceans!) Lake Huron is boat accessible from the marina downtown and also beach accessible from Thomson Park and Starlite Beach off of State Street.

Next on the list is Long Lake, located just 7 miles north of the city of Alpena, this short drive is well worth it! Long Lake is plentiful for fishing and a hotspot among locals for boating, kayaking, tubing, and just “hanging out”. Yup, hanging out in the lake’s waist-deep sandbar on the south end of the lake has become so popular that a barge has been set up for local bands to perform on the water, resulting in a the notorious summer weekend “Sandies Bash”. This event is an unofficial, local creation that is typically held around the first weekend in August. The Sandbar & Grill also makes grabbing a bite to eat while on the lake easy-peasy with their easy access docks. We recommend trying their pizza, it’s delicious!

Not too far from Long Lake, lies Grand Lake to the north. This lake is located in Presque Isle County and is quite a beauty! Grand Lake is approximately 7 miles long in length and 1.5 miles in width and one interesting thing you can do on this lake is island hop! There are 3 islands nestled inside of Grand Lake; Brown Island, Grand Island, and Macombers Island. These islands make for great fishing habitats and fun adventures.

Last, but certainly not least, is Hubbard Lake. Hubbard Lake is located in the quaint town of Hubbard Lake and is approximately 38 minutes from the city of Alpena. Hubbard Lake is another favorite among the locals in Alpena County and tourists alike, also well worth the drive. This lake is lined with summer cottages and homes and offers plenty of lake for your water related activities. Churchill Pointe Inn lies on the north point of the shoreline and accommodates boaters with their easy access docks, and tourists with their lakefront suites.

Whichever lake you choose, one thing is for certain…those who visit and live in the Alpena area sure are lucky to have so many lakes to choose from! Use hashtags #rocktheboatalpena this summer and show us how you “rock” our lakes!