The arrival of spring and summer brings us warmer weather, greener foliage, and bluer skies. We often credit rainy days for spoiling our plans with somber days inside. Kick those rainy day habits to the side and let mother nature take a day to rest and grow while you follow these 7 ideas to make the most of your rainy day in Alpena!
genevieve rainy day jessica davis

Genevieve goes for a mud puddle dip! Photo courtesy of Jessica Davis.

  1. Do you remember reading our blog about how just 5 hours can re-shape your weekends? Now is the time to take care of those household projects you’ve been putting off so that you can go out and enjoy your weekend. Our blog for re-shaping your weekends can be found >>HERE<<
  2. Break that rainy-day mentality of staying in all day long. Places of interest are likely to be less busy on rainy days, so get out and explore Alpena –> Attractions
  3. Check out the Besser Museum for Northeast Michigan and learn about art, Alpena history, and science all in one place, without getting wet! Or go to the Great Lakes Maritime Heritage Center at NOAA and find out all about Thunder Bay’s shipwreck history.
  4. Have a beer at Austin Brothers Beer Company, a glass of wine at Thunder Bay Winery, or some cider at PIFCider. Cheers to the rainy day that brought you together, the sunny days ahead, and enjoying good company.
  5. Play photographer. How many pictures have you taken lately out in the rain? Chances are, not many! Go out and change that, there is beauty in all weather.
  6. Go shopping or catch a movie at Sanctuary Cinema. You can find a complete list of shopping in Alpena on our site at this link –> Shopping
  7. Plan out your summer in Alpena, Sanctuary of the Great Lakes. Check out our adventure guides, which include exploring sinkholes, viewing the night sky, lighthouses, and much, much more! Follow this link.

*Featured image above of Blair Street Pier by Rick Houchin