With the New Year upon us (Hello 2020!), you’re probably thinking of your resolutions; things you may want to change in your life, or things you may want to keep up as we go into the new era of roaring ’20s. Performance Locker in Alpena is ready to keep you accountable!
Casey Stutzman provides one on one training in a group setting at Performance Locker

1:1 training in a group setting

The number one most common New Year’s resolution is to lose weight and get fit. Did you know only 8% of people actually achieve their resolution goals?! This startling low number has a lot of factors involved from person to person, but the most common reason is that people just tend to lose their motivation.

We caught up with Casey Stutzman, owner of Performance Locker in Alpena, to see what makes Performance Locker unique in comparison to the traditional gym setting, and how Performance Locker’s mission is designed to fit you and keep your motivation at maximum.

What exactly is it that makes Performance Locker different than a traditional gym?

“Performance Locker (PL) is a personal training studio. The biggest differentiation between a gym and a training studio is that everything here at PL is coached, led, and guided by certified trainers. Nobody is left to their own devices to try and figure out what they are doing. Our trainers are going to always work with you through every aspect of every workout and every movement.”

In order to best train each individual, workout groups at Performance Locker are very small. Typically anywhere from 8-12 people per class at the high end. A group of 3-5 people is also not uncommon.
Casey Stutzman demonstrates TRX

Training at the Performance Locker centers around one thing, movement.

“With our small group sizes, we are able to give more personal attention to each individual and effectively coach each individual as to where they need to be. The overall goal of PL was to make personal training more affordable. Traditionally, when you meet with a personal trainer at a gym it will cost “x” amount of money per session and it can end up being very expensive in the long term. Our goal is to make sure people come in 6 days a week for a flat monthly fee, which is less than it would be on average to train with a trainer once a week.”

Not only are there smaller class sizes for optimal personal training and growth, but Performance Locker also offers the Functional Movement Screening (FMS) for each member. This screen is to identify any weak links in the chain, so to speak, that may need to be addressed before beginning an exercise regimen. Based on your personal screen, trainers at Performance Locker will work with you on your problem areas to ensure all movements are performed correctly and deter from creating more problems down the road.

FMS Movement screening

Functional Movement Screening is our way of getting to know you. “If you don’t set the baseline you can’t measure the success of your work.”

“Our training on the floor is all movement based. The FMS tells us how well bodies are moving. It is not a performance based test. It’s not about how many push-ups or sit-ups you can do, it’s about what your shoulder or hip mobility is like, or how well your core stability is, the foundations of basic movement. This test tells me how well your body parts are communicating with each other. When we focus on the correct movements for your body at Performance Locker, it not only makes your workouts more effective, but it also translates into your everyday life. When you’re out playing with your kids, hiking, biking, swimming, whatever it is that you do recreationally in your free time. The goal is to move better with less pain.”

Other than Small Tribe Training, as described above, PL offers a specialty approach to mind/body classes such as Pilates and Yoga.
Yoga room at Performance Locker

A healthy body can only exist when it coincides with a healthy mind and spirit.

“I like to use the term ’boutique’ to describe our mind/body classes. When you take a pilates or yoga class at Performance Locker there is always a specific goal or methodology we are trying to accomplish. Our instructors also set us apart from the norm. Each instructor has completed 200 or 500 hours of RYT yoga training or are classically trained pilates instructors. Some with decades of experience!”

So what exactly does RYT 200 or 500 hour mean? This is more than just a certification. The best way to describe it is as an instructor with their bachelors (200 RYT) or masters (500 RYT) in yoga. The hours are split up between practice, time, self-teaching, observational teaching, and live teaching.

In order to bring it’s members the most success in their mind/body/health journey, Performance Locker is proud to offer nutritional and dietary services to its members.
Boxing gloves

Boxing is another specialty class offered at Performance Locker.

“We truly believe that training, mind/body practice, and nutrition are three things that cannot be separated. The people who see the most success and the most sustainable results over the course of a lifetime are practicing all three. So, our goal when we set out five and half years ago was to create a space all under one roof to offer people these services so they don’t have to pick and choose. All of our memberships include trainings, mind/body, and nutrition options. We have a registered dietician that we work with so that if any of our members need specific guidance or have specific health concerns, we can talk to her.”

The “trick” for sticking to your diet/exercise goals is to find your motivation! The Alpena area is rich in outdoor recreation so for Casey and many others, Performance Locker gives them the ability to build up endurance and mobility when hiking, biking, paddling, diving, playing sports, or keeping up with kids and their activities.

If you think Performance Locker may be a good fit for you this year, give them a call or stop by to set up your membership. Located at 1302 S. State Ave by Mich-e-ke-wis park, 989-8841702. Follow PL on Facebook for daily inspiration – Performance Locker